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2  Time:  2017-9-18
Robust adaptive beamforming for constant modulus signal of interest
Xu Yougen (ÐìÓѸù), Yin Bingjie, Liu Zhiwen
Get Time£º2017-9-13 15:27:16  Publishing Time£º2017-9-13 15:27:16
It is required in the diagonally loaded robust adaptive beamforming the automatic determination of the loading level which is practically a challenging problem. A constant modulus restoral method is herein presented to choose the diagonal loading level adaptively for the extraction of a desired signal with constant modulus (a common feature of the phase modulation signals). By introducing the temporal smoothing technique, the proposed constant modulus restoral diagonally loaded robust adaptive beamformer provides increased capability compared with some existing robust adaptive beamformers in rejecting interferences and noise while protecting the signalª²ofª²interest. Simulation results are included to illustrate the performance of the proposed beamformer.
Key words: array signal processing, robust adaptive beamforming, diagonal loading, constant modulus
2017-9-13 15:27:16 [Abstract] [PDF]

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