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2  Time:  2017-9-18
A novel symmetrical 3ª²DOF PKM and its performance comparison with 3ª²PRS PKM
Liu Yuzhe (ÁõÓîÕÜ), Wu Jun, Wang Liping, Zhao Jingshan, Wang Jinsong, Yu Guang
Get Time£º2017-9-13 15:24:16  Publishing Time£º2017-9-13 15:24:16
A novel symmetrical 3ª²degreeª²ofª²freedom (DOF) parallel kinematic manipulator (PKM) is firstly presented, which is named 3ª²P (Qu) RU. According to the structure feature, a double closed loop vector method is proposed to investigate this PKM.Based on this method, kinematic, velocity and error models of this manipulator are established respectively. Since3ª²PRS PKM has been applied successfully in practice and its structure is similar to the 3ª²P (Qu) RU PKM, corresponding models of a 3ª²PRS PKM are given and a performance comparison study between them is investigated on workspace, manipulator dexterity, position error and error sensitivity. The comparison results reveal that the 3ª²P (Qu) RU PKM has the advantage on velocity performance and the disadvantage on accuracy performance. This novel 3ª²P (Qu) RU PKM is an available selection for a tool head of a hybrid machine tool and the analysis is greatly helpful for the further applications of this manipulator.
Key words: comparison study, parallel kinematic manipulator(PKM), kinematics, velocity, error
2017-9-13 15:24:16 [Abstract] [PDF]

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