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2  Time:  2017-9-18
A study on IPª²based hierarchical routing strategy in network simulation
Yan Jianen (ãƽ¡¶÷), Zhang Zhaoxin, Shen Yinghong
Get Time£º2017-9-13 15:16:30  Publishing Time£º2017-9-13 15:16:30
The intrinsic routing policy of NS2¡ªa network simulation tool¡ª based on flat or hierarchical address has the disadvantage such as small topology scale, high resource consumption, low efficiency and so on. This paper proposes an IPbased hierarchical routing strategy in network simulation to extend the topology scale and improve performance in simulating. Firstly, a stratification mechanism to identify IP address of nodes is described. Then, an algorithm of packet transmitting method (PTM) is presented for packet forwarding in the same subnet. Finally, algorithms of region partition (RP), routing computation based on region division (RCBRD) and routing distribution (RD) is proposed to implement regional segmentation, route calculation and route distribution for forwarding packets in different subnets respectively. The experiment results show that under the same condition, compared with plane address, the topology scale of the network simulation is extended two times and the consumption of time and memory during simulation is reduced by approximately 73% and 45.8% respectively. Compared with hierarchical address, the topology scale of the network simulation is expanded by more than 50%, and the consumption of time and memory is reduced by about 59.2% and 25% respectively. In addition, along with the growth of the node size, the proportion of reducing total simulation time and memory consumption would gradually increase.
Key words: network simulation, routing policy, plane routing, hierarchical routing
2017-9-13 15:16:30 [Abstract] [PDF]

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