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2  Time:  2017-6-20
Integrated optimal method for cell formation and layout problems based on hybrid SA algorithm with fuzzy simulation
Zhou Binghai (Öܱþº£), Lu Yubin
Get Time£º2017-3-31 14:12:42  Publishing Time£º2017-3-31 14:12:42
To adapt to the complex and changeable market environment, the cell formation problems (CFPs) and the cell layout problems (CLPs) with fuzzy demands were optimized simultaneously. Firstly, CFPs and CLPs were described formally. To deal with the uncertainty fuzzy parameters brought, a chance constraint was introduced. A mathematical model was established with an objective function of minimizing intraª²cell and interª²cell material handling cost. As the chance constraint of this problem could not be converted into its crisp equivalent, a hybrid simulated annealing(HSA) based on fuzzy simulation was put forward. Finally, simulation experiments were conducted under different confidence levels. Results indicated that the proposed hybrid algorithm was feasible and effective.
Key words: fuzzy demand, cell formation and cell layout problem, chance constraint, fuzzy simulation, simulated annealing algorithm
2017-3-31 14:12:42 [Abstract] [PDF]

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