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2  Time:  2017-6-20
Experimental study on pressure fluctuation characteristics of slug flow in horizontal curved tubes
Deng Zhian (µËÖ¾°²), Xiao Xue
Get Time£º2017-3-31 14:08:48  Publishing Time£º2017-3-31 14:08:48
In order to study the pressure characteristics of slug flow in horizontal curved tubes, two kinds of curved tubes with central angle 45¡ã and 90¡ã respectively are studied, of which are with 0.5m circumference and 26mm inner diameter are used. When the superficial liquid velocity or the superficial gas velocity is constant, the pressure fluctuations and the probability distribution of the average velocity of slug flow are clear for all of the five experimental conditions. The results of experiment show that the pressure characteristics of slug flow in curved tubes have periodic fluctuations. With the rise of central angle, the period of pressure fluctuation is more obvious. The system pressure of the slug flow increases with the increasing of superficial liquid/gas velocity.Meanwhile,the probability distribution of pressure signal shows regularity, such as unimodal, bimodal or multimodal.
Key words: slug flow, horizontal curved tube, pressure fluctuations, central angle
2017-3-31 14:08:48 [Abstract] [PDF]

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