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2  Time:  2017-6-20
Research on stateful public key based secure data aggregation model for wireless sensor networks
Qin Danyang (Çص¤Ñô), Jia Shuang, Yang Songxiang, Wang Erfu, Ding Qun
Get Time£º2017-3-31 14:05:30  Publishing Time£º2017-3-31 14:05:30
Data aggregation technology reduces traffic overhead of wireless sensor network and extends effective working time of the network, yet continued operation of wireless sensor networks increases the probability of aggregation nodes being captured and probability of aggregated data being tampered. Thus it will seriously affect the security performance of the network. For network security issues, a stateful public key based SDAM (secure data aggregation model) is proposed for wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which employs a new stateful public key encryption to provide efficient endª²toª²end security. Moreover, the security aggregation model will not impose any bound on the aggregation function property, so as to realize the low cost and high security level at the same time.
Key words: wireless sensor networks (WSNs), secure data aggregation, homomorphic encryption, simple power analysis
2017-3-31 14:05:30 [Abstract] [PDF]

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